General Services

Our office can provide a variety of services for your child, working towards a comprehensive dental plan that focuses on preventive dental care. We want to provide optimal oral health for your child, and this often includes regular checkups with cleanings, sealants, and other preventive treatments. Dr. Cherish also likes to address nutritional concerns early on to prevent any cavities. She looks at your child's overall health to address other issues that can affect the oral cavity in the long run. 


Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Treatment

Sometimes laughing gas is recommended to help a patient have a more comfortable dental experience. Nitrous Oxide, often called laughing gas, is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It rarely has side effects, but it is recommended your child eat very lightly before a procedure. The option will be discussed fully with you, but is offered in certain situations.


Sedation/General Anesthesia Treatment

Dr. Cherish does not currently offer in-office sedation, but soon she will provide sedation options at local hospitals. This is mainly an option for those who cannot tolerate dental care in the traditional setting. Dr. Cherish and her staff want to offer options that emphasize compassion, caring, and effective dentistry in the most comfortable manner possible. Hospital dentistry allows patients who have complicated medical issues to receive optimal dental care in a setting that focuses on patient safety. Aside from our staff, medical doctors and anesthesiologists can be involved in the care of the patient. If this is an option for your child, our office will walk you through the process and help you coordinate all necessary appointments.


Special Needs Treatment

Dr. Cherish loves working with patients with special needs of all ages. She works to desensitize patients in the dental setting and to emphasize comfort for the patient. However, she is also able to provide different options for treatment if the patient is unable to tolerate the traditional dental setting.